What is a 'Squat Cobbler'?

Wed, 24 Feb 2016 10:20:37 UTC by Maarten Schenk

Let us explain it for you. In the second episode of the second season of AMC's Better Call Saul viewers learned a new phrase: Squat Cobbler. What? You mean you don't know what that is? A Hoboken Squat Cobbler? Also known as a Full Moon Moonpie? Or a Boston Cream Splat? Simple Simon The Ass Man? Dutch Apple-ass? Really? You don't know the definition?

As Bob Odenkirk's character Saul Goodman (AKA Jimmy McGill) explains:

It's when a man sits in pie. He sits in a pie. Then he wiggles around.

It could be named Hellman's Mayonnaise west of the Rockies but we are not sure about that. And of course a Crybaby Squat involves tears, but you knew that, right?

All of this is of course real: why would we be making this up?

(Image: Ralph Daily - Flickr: Peach Cobbler)