Prince Died Of Drug Overdose: Accidental 'Fentanyl Toxicity'

Thu, 02 Jun 2016 16:36:31 UTC by Alan Duke

Toxicology tests revealed that Prince died from an opioid drug overdose, according to the medical examiner investigating his death.

The official cause of death is accidental "Fentanyl toxicity," the document made public Thursday said.

Read the 2-page report released by the medical examiner:

Fentanyl is "a powerful synthetic opiate analgesic similar to but more potent than morphine," according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. "It is typically used to treat patients with severe pain, or to manage pain after surgery. It is also sometimes used to treat people with chronic pain who are physically tolerant to opiates. It is a schedule II prescription drug."

Prince Rogers Nelson investigation results attached

Fentanyl addiction is tough to kick, according to an article published on a rehab center website:

"Once an addiction occurs it is difficult for the addict to avoid abusing Fentanyl, since prescribed amounts are insufficient. In addition, the tolerance to the drug continues to increase, which leads to ever more desperate measures to obtain the necessary quantities of the drug. This type of individual will typically need Fentanyl detox and rehabilitation to recover from the Fentanyl addiction.

The singer was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park, Minnesota, home on April 21, 2016.

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