Stephen Colbert's Late Show Premiere: A Feast Of Clips

Wed, 09 Sep 2015 13:23:16 UTC by Alan Duke

Stephen Colbert's debut as host of CBS' Late Night Show featured plenty of craziness the comedian's fans expect, but without the faux conservative personality. Colbert's first guest was George Clooney, followed by Jeb Bush as his first political guest. He introduced the new design for the historic Ed Sullivan Theater and paid tribute to the man who worked there for decades, David Letterman. Enjoy the feast of clips below.

In Colbert's tribute to predecessor David Letterman, he was quick to say "I'm not replacing David Letterman."

The Ed Sullivan Theater incudes a digitally-projected dome, a giant video wall and an "ancient cursed amulet" that drones "when it's not pleased with me," Colbert said. His introduction included a cameo by NBC's Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. "See ya' in the locker room," Fallon said.

Colbert made up for lost time on Donald Trump, who jumped into the GOP presidential race just as Colbert's cable show was ending. "I will be covering all of the presidential candidates who are Donald Trump," he joked in his monologue targeting Trump.

Jeb Bush actually had something nice to say about the current Democratic president. "I don't think Barack Obama has bad motives," Bush said. "I just think he's wrong on a lot of the issues."

A "bonus Jeb! clip" not included in the broadcast was posted online.

When Clooney noted that he had no film project to promote, which is a normal topic for an actor guest, Colbert rolled out a series of clips of a faux action thriller starring Clooney.

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