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Lead Stories Exclusive: 'Disrespected' Tory Lanez Attacks ASAP Ferg Tour Manager Backstage At LA Live Show

  • by: Jeremy Smith
  • (Sun, 26 Jun 2016 04:51:35 Z)

Tory Lanez had to hit someone after ASAP Ferg cut his set short so the Migos could take the stage at the BET Experience show at L.A. Live Saturday night. The man had been disrespected.

Witnesses tell Lead Stories' Hip Hop Bureau that Lanez immediately went looking for ASAP Ferg, but the dude was on stage with the Migos. So, Lanez went after Ferg's tour manager, punching him and causing him to fall down a set of stairs, witnesses say.

Lanez "left fast" as security responded, the sources said.

The Staples Center tweeted a short clip of the Migos on stage with ASAP Ferg, which was about the time it was going down backstage.

The confrontation could create some tension on the road since Tory and ASAP Ferg have music together and are touring.

An "ole playa'" shared this advice Mr. Lanez: "Back in the day, when we were disrepected, we just battled it out with break dancing. Kids today could learn from that."

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